About Caliente

Caliente Caps is an Emirati brand specialized in designing, creating, and selling high end trucker caps. The business was first a simple idea with different sketches on a small piece of paper which went through a one year development by the founder Hamdan Al-Samt. Being a trucker caps collector he wanted to come up with the first National brand that only sells trucker caps. The word Caliente came from the Spanish word “HOT” which resembles the hottest designs the national brand provides. The brand provides high end caps that come in exceptional designs and special editions which are being manufactured in state of the art factories abroad.

Our Vision

Our mission and vision is for the UAE based brand “Caliente Cap” to be the number one brand locally and internationally.

Our Philosophy

Satisfying our local and international clients from around the world is our number one priority by providing them with the best of the best in terms of producing designs and special editions through unmatched quality by style. Our inspired team with their unflinching toil and efficiency strives to deliver the best quality designed caps in order to reach our goal by becoming the leading brand in trucker caps.